The Dan Eley Foundation - Dan's Story - a positive transformation
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Dan Eley in a hospital bed after his accident in Columbia, three days after his accident

Dan’s story – what seemed like a tragedy has led to a dream coming true!

Dan Eley, a young man from Surrey, England worked as a charity worker with impoverished children in Latin America for two years before a diving accident in the Colombian Amazon left him paralysed from the shoulders down on New Year’s Day 2010.


Dan spent the next year in hospital, fighting for his life and facing up to the enormous emotional and physical challenges of being so severely paralysed. During these difficult times he had the opportunity to meet other people with similar disabilities who had overcome extreme adversity to go on and achieve great things in life.


This inspired him to pursue his dream of starting apprenticeship-style training schemes for children living in poverty in Colombia and Latin America. The Dan Eley Foundation is the realisation of that dream.

We provide essential skills training and life coaching to children and young people living in poverty or disadvantaged circumstances.


Dan has extensive experience as a motivational speaker. Drawing on personal experience he explains how we can turn adversity into opportunity and his very own formula for success.

Dan Eley as a speaker


Since 2012, when Dan started his charity, he has been giving talks about the life changing impact of his injury and how to overcome such adversity, turning it into success and a more profound sense of fulfilment in life.

He has given talks to people of all ages in vast range of settings including motivational talks to corporations, to talking about life with disability to children in local schools.


“Dan delivers a very powerful and incisive talk which is equally moving and joyful. Indeed his is a personal story to remind us that the human spirit is indomitable. From his unique perspective Dan explains brilliantly how we can all do so much more than just cope with adversity.”