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Juliana, a successful graduate from one of the Dan Eley Foundation training schemes


Elsa was accepted onto our seventh accounting course carried out in conjunction with FEDUT.


Elsa has spent most of her life living with her sister, her parents abandoned them when they with children and she has been working since then.


She came to FEDUT looking for an opportunity to change her life and have a better future. The job she was doing then was waitressing, working more than 10 hours a day in difficult circumstances.


In order to carry out the assistant accountancy course she had to move from the municipality of Pradera, where he lived with his sister and come to live in Cali with an aunt. She had to give up her work as a waitress as the long shifts prevented her from studying.


During the course many financial and family difficulties came up but thanks to her perseverance, as well as constant support from the programme psychologist she was able to face-up to these issues and continue through the course.


With effort and support from our staff in the academic area she managed to consolidate her accountancy knowledge, receiving a positive evaluation in both the theoretical and internship phases of the course.


Elsa was offered a job in her internship firm and she is currently working as their assistant accountant, she also provides support with customer service, which she likes and is good at. She is very grateful for the opportunity and she now has the financial security to pursue personal and professional goals.


Her improvement through the course has been immense and she is an example of the strength of the human spirit over adversity.