Case Studies
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Read about some of the transformational personal journeys of our students in these case studies below.

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Case A

It was through the advertising campaign in the media that ‘Student A’ heard about the FEDUT accounting course. She joined us on FEDUT’s fourth course in partnership with The Dan Eley Foundation.

Before starting on the FEDUT training course she was working in the family food business. She currently lives with her two sons in one of the most deprived areas of the city. Read more

Redson, a successful graduate from one of the Dan Eley Foundation training schemes
Case B

‘Student B’ was on our fourth accounting course. His personal history is a moving one: from the age of three he was looked after by the government in a state orphanage, they provided him with a place to live, an education, food and psychological support. This is due to the fact that his family was unable to look after him or his siblings.  Read more

Juliana, a successful graduate from one of the Dan Eley Foundation training schemes
Case C

‘Student C’ was accepted onto our seventh accounting course carried out in conjunction with FEDUT.

She has spent most of her life living with her sister, her parents abandoned them when they with children and she has been working since then.  Read more

Eduardo, a successful graduate standing outside the building of partner charity Fedut
Case D

‘Student D’ was on our fourth accounting course with emphasis in IT systems. He lives with his family made up of his mother and his younger sister and they are residents of the Buenaventura municipality. 

Their mother who works informally as a cook in a local restaurant struggles to cover the family’s daily living expenses. Read more

Even the smallest contribution can make a difference to a young person’s life.

Over half of our 250 students trained to date have found and retained gainful employment in reputable local firms.

Legitimate employment leads to empowerment, economic independence, increased hope and reduces the likelihood of involvement in criminal activity.

Our courses have a life changing impact on the lives of our students

Children and young people who have access to a high quality education, skills training and psychosocial support are more likely to lead fulfilling, successful lives as adults.

Over 250 students trained to date with The Dan Eley Foundation and FEDUT