The Dan Eley Foundation - Graduate Case study - Freddy
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Freddy joined us on our fourth accounting course, specialising in IT systems. His personal history is a moving one: from the age of three he was looked after by the government in a state orphanage, they provided him with a place to live, an education, food and psychological support. This is due to the fact that Freddy’s family was unable to look after him or his siblings.


Having the opportunity to study and train with FEDUT has allowed Freddy to access new opportunities which will lead not only to academic and professional progression, but also to personal and social success. Freddy has dreams to pursue higher education which will enable him to secure a job with good prospects.


Freddy is about to successfully complete his work placement and we have no doubt he will find employment very soon. The organisations’ personal development programme as well as the academic side of the course have motivated Freddy to start a new life, aspiring for new academic, personal and professional horizons.