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Yenny Conde_Profile Sq
Yenny, a single mother and successful graduate from one of the Dan Eley Foundation training schemes


It was through the advertising campaign in the media that Jenny heard about the Assistant Accountancy training course specialising in IT systems. She joined us on FEDUT’s fourth course in partnership with The Dan Eley Foundation.


Before starting on the FEDUT training course Jenny was working in the family food business. She currently lives with her two sons in one of the most deprived areas of the city. Thanks to the opportunities she has had as a result of joining the training course Yeny has managed to save up enough money to buy herself a moped, this has allowed her to get to the course easily.


In spite of the personal problems that Jenny has had to deal with, from the start of the course she has demonstrated great charisma, a willingness to succeed and immense strength which have helped her to get through and to attend the course regularly.


At the moment Jenny is completing her work placement at a very demanding company, however she is proving to be a diligent and punctual intern and there is a very good chance that she will be able to obtain employment with them after completing the course.


Jenny has also demonstrated her abilities as an entrepreneur, in order to increase her earnings, she sells and delivers footwear for young people in nearby neighbourhoods. This extra income allows her to contribute to her family’s income. Once Jenny starts working as an junior accountant she will be able to further improve hers and her family’s financial situation.