DEF spring concert is back for 2022!
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DEF spring concert is back for 2022!

After a two year absence due to covid-19 our spring concert in conjunction with Godalming College is back in 2022.

please join us on Wednesday March 23rd where the talented Godalming College music students will be putting on a vibrant programme of music from shows and musicals at St. John’s Church, Farncombe. The show starts at 7 p.m.

Funds raised will go to support the educational materials and services for disadvantaged children at St. Mark’s and All Saints’ School in Aarons Hill, Godalming. The concert is sponsored by The Dan Eley Foundation.

Tickets are only £10 and £5 for students, you can buy your ticket online @

Alternatively, you can e-mail event organiser, Carolyn, @

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